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How Addingwell's GTM Service Transformed DugaDigital's Tag Health Reporting

At DugaDigital, we’ve been leveraging Addingwell’s server-side GTM service with fantastic results, especially with tag health status monitoring. Here’s how it transformed our approach:

The Challenge

So, it starts when I received the tag health email from Addingwell Alerting.


I modified the Piwik Pro tag template and I was certain everything was okay. It’s not the fault of the tag template - I messed up here.

The Fix

Let’s check out the details by clicking the “View tag health status” button:

This is an “ah ha, oh no!” moment - sure, everything was okay for the page_view event but I hadn’t factored for other events.  Without going into gory details, I had broken the part of the tag template that dealt with custom events - totally my fault, and a great learning experience on how to modify the tag template...

What next? How is it broken, and what needs fixing?  The Logs section will give you more detail:

Oh, I’m getting a 404 error - the request being made by the tag is malformed somehow.

So I go into sGTM preview mode, fire the pageview, and confirm, all is well there:

But then I scroll:

Check the “Request” tab in preview mode:

Sure enough, a 404 - look at the request being made by the tag:

Ugh. Okay - into the tag template - undo, redo, fix the custom event parameter build, retest:

The Outcome

Publish.  And then check the tag health:

Good.  Very good.  Okay, the data volumes aren’t massive.  Just imagine how much the automatic tag health checks can save you?  What if your tag health looked more like this:

Yes, you can get in touch, we’ll happily work with you, and the excellent team at Addingwell, to give you the same confidence in your data quality using server side data collection.

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