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Automated Setup of Server-side Google Tag Manager (Auto-sGTM) involves the implementation of scripts, configurations, and integrations to deploy sGTM on the server side of a website or application.


This managed service allows for the centralized management of tracking tags, pixels, and scripts, enabling more efficient data collection, processing, and integration with third-party analytics and marketing platforms.

Script implementation

Deployment of scripts and configurations to enable server-side tagging with Google Tag Manager, ensuring seamless integration with the client's website or application.

Data integration setup
Configuration of data integration points between server-side Google Tag Manager and other analytics, advertising, and marketing platforms, enabling the transmission of data collected from the client's website or application to these platforms for analysis and attribution.

Documentation and training
Provision of documentation, tutorials, and training sessions to educate clients on how to use and maintain the server-side Google Tag Manager setup effectively, empowering them to manage their data collection and tracking processes independently.

Tag management interface
Provision of a user-friendly interface for managing tags, triggers, and variables within Google Tag Manager, allowing clients to customize and control their data collection and tracking mechanisms.

Testing and validation
Comprehensive testing and validation of the server-side Google Tag Manager setup to ensure accurate data collection, processing, and integration, with thorough debugging and troubleshooting of any issues encountered.

Centralized tag management
Server-side Google Tag Manager provides a centralized platform for managing tracking tags, reducing complexity and improving efficiency in the implementation and maintenance of data collection mechanisms.

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