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Consent Management of Cookies and Tracking Implementation involves the deployment of solutions and configurations to manage user consent for cookies and tracking technologies on websites or applications.

Technical Solution

This ensures compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, while also providing transparency and control to users over their data preferences.

Consent management platform
Implementation of a consent management platform (CMP) or solution that enables clients to collect, store, and manage user consent preferences for cookies and tracking technologies on their website or application.

Granular consent controls
Provision of granular consent controls that allow users to selectively opt in or opt out of different categories or types of cookies and tracking technologies based on their preferences, such as essential, functional, analytical, and marketing cookies.

Integration with analytics and advertising platforms
Integration of the consent management platform with third-party analytics and advertising platforms to ensure that user consent preferences are respected and enforced across all tracking activities and data processing.

Cookie banner or pop-up
Configuration of a customizable cookie banner or pop-up that informs users about the use of cookies and tracking technologies, requests their consent, and provides options for managing cookie settings and preferences.

Cookie scanning and categorization
Automated scanning and categorization of cookies and tracking technologies used on the client's website or application, providing insights into the types of data collected, purposes of processing, and third-party integrations involved.

Compliance reporting and documentation
Generation of compliance reports, documentation, and audit trails to demonstrate adherence to data privacy regulations and provide transparency to users and regulatory authorities regarding data collection and processing practices.

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