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Digital Data Collection involves the systematic gathering and aggregation of data from various digital touchpoints, including websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, IoT devices, and more. 

Tagging and tracking setup

Implementation of tracking tags and scripts using tools like Google Tag Manager or custom code to capture user interactions and events on digital properties.

Cross-device tracking

Implementation of mechanisms to track user interactions across multiple devices and platforms for a holistic view of user behavior and journeys.

Data validation

Regular monitoring and validation of data collection processes to ensure accuracy, completeness, and integrity of the collected data.

Data mapping

Mapping of data variables and attributes to ensure consistency and compatibility with reporting and analysis tools.

Custom event tracking

Configuration of custom event tracking to capture specific user actions and behaviors relevant to your business goals and objectives.

Compliance management

Adherence to data privacy regulations and industry standards, such as GDPR and CCPA, to ensure ethical and lawful data collection practices.

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