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Data Enrichment using sGTM

Updated: Jun 5

We're fully committed to server side data collection. It's used on this site, and we recommend our clients use it. Our partners (Addingwell, and Piwik Pro for example) are key ingredients in these great solutions.

But what's it for? Server side data collection has well known advantages in terms of privacy benefits for users, data quality, and durability, but that's not going to give you the return on your investment in the technology. How exactly is it useful to make more money?

I've recorded a couple of quick demos to show some simple scenarios around data enrichment - see how easy it is! Enriching your data on the server means you can use private or sensitive data such as profit margin, propensity scores, or even zero party data from your CDP to combine with your first party analytics data.

How can you find out more about how you can use server side data collection techniques like these? You want to know more about what's possible, and how it fits into your data strategy? Have you tried but found technical roadblocks? Don't want to set up a cloud team to run the infrastructure?

Not a problem, quite normal, and totally solvable with our partners. Get in touch. We'd be delighted to discuss what's the best fit for you. Let us help you solve your server side data collection needs.

Also, I'll be talking about this very subject (no code!) at the Marketing Analytics Summit in London on October 24/25. Come and talk to me, ask questions, find out how DugaDigital and our partners can support you.

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