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Should marketers be analysts?

As digital marketing has become ever more data focused, many marketers are complaining of spending too much of their time grappling with data, rather than focusing on the customer journeys. CRM teams spend days pulling segments together, cleaning the database and create events to trigger journeys.

Or AB testing teams are trying to ensure their Conversion KPI’s are tracking correctly, statistical significance is possible or they can trust the results of the A/B test.

Poor data infrastructure, disconnected platforms and poor reporting all lead to these challenges leaving marketers frustrating and unable to deliver against the conversion KPIs they are targeted against.

How do businesses overcome this inefficiency and allow marketers to get back to focusing on the customer?

  1. Data Trust - Is the data that's being collected correct and accurate Has it been verified against other data platforms to ensure there is some alignment in measurement.

  2. Data Enablement - ensure all the data feeds are in the correct platforms across your marketing ecosystem. Do the right platforms automatically feed the correct data into the marketers interfaces.

  3. Data democratization - ensure data is in the right place and people are educated and enabled to understand and interpret the data for themselves. Are automated dashboards and reporting set up so people can easily use and be familiar with the data set, driving self service in insights and analysis.

  4. Data Governance - to maintain the data so when platform releases go out the behavioural analytics doesn’t break for example. To ensure the data can be trusted in months to come for ongoing scale and efficiency.

Still stuck? Get in touch.

Duga Digital works with organisations to understand what data challenges they have and how to resolve them. Through our work, our clients were able to better access and use theory data, resulting in more efficiency in their teams and more effective marketing.

Moreover, being able to effectively measure performance rather than spending time trying to pull the right reports.

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