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Ready for GA4?

Yep. It's another one. Another post about GA4. Strap in though - this one might have a twist.

We’re under 3 months until Universal Analytics 360 will be sunsetted and all GA users will be moved over to GA4.

In the past 12 months we have run a number of GA4 migrations for our clients. And whilst there is the option for the Google enforced migration, given the difference in Universal Analytics to GA4, Duga Digital see this as a great opportunity to review, refine and update your digital analytics to ensure it’s future proofed for your organisation.

But just a recap on some of the key updates with GA4:

  1. The analytics schema for web & app aligns, resulting in consistent tracking across the 2 platforms.

  2. Everything becomes an event. Page views, social, transactions and many others will go, so all events become equal allowing for greater customization to suit your organisations reporting requirements. As such, Google recommends you don't simply copy over existing logic from UA to GA4, but implement a new logic that makes sense for your business needs.

  3. Engagement is measured more positively. Engagement rate will be defined as any visit that lasted more than 10 seconds, had 1 conversion event or had at least 2 page / screen views. As such, old metrics like bounce rate are disappearing. Well kind of……. They instead become non engaged sessions.

  4. Given the new focus on event based measurement, GTM is going to be key to set up and track events throughout your digital properties.

  5. If you run multiple brands or businesses, how your GA instances are set up will change to align to their data streams architecture.

So how should organisations go about the GA4 migration?

Duga is well versed in GA4 upgrades and takes a business centric approach to getting ready.

  • Requirements gathering & KPI mapping - what KPIs are important to your business. If they are different to the new GA4 measurement framework, how do you map the KPIs into the new structure?

  • Review of measurement approach i.e. keeping like for like or adapting to a superior measurement approach.

  • Implement changes - ensure your new GA, GTM set up are applying your new measuring frameworks accurately.

  • Business QA and reporting alignment - work with relevant teams to migrate onto the new reporting frameworks and dashboards. Ensure data reconciliation so teams understand and trust the new data setIf GA data is passed into broader business reporting, ensure it is connected, matched and connected to ensure consistency.

  • Training & change management - help ensure all stakeholders in the business understand the change in data and are ready to adopt the new measurement approach.

Not sure where to start on your GA4 upgrade?

GET MORE FROM YOUR DATA TO FUTURE-PROOF YOUR BUSINESS. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you today -

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