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Duga Digital - The Future

When Duga first began it was driven by 

  • a high level of digital analytics experience, 

  • a gap in the market for professionally-serviced implementation projects and 

  • quality delivery of visualisation of data, 

to deliver value to clients of all shapes and sizes.

There was a lot happening - migrations to GA4 were plentiful, the world was (still is actually) up in arms about cookies and what solutions were available and required.

We’ve had a review over the last few months. And we recognise the changing nature of the digital data landscape.

A huge number of businesses have gone or are going through digital transformation - and a lot of this revolves around shifting their business operations to the cloud. At the same time, marketing is becoming more and more technical and data-driven.

Duga Digital sits at the crossroads of those two elements. 

Our strengths have been digital data and analytics for a long time. We have a combined 50 years of experience across the landscape of digital marketing, digital analytics and conversion rate optimisation. 

Our approach now is to enable businesses to scalably plug-in between cloud services and digital data stacks.

We are committed to providing a future-proof data offering to answer client problems and so we are announcing our Services and Solutions eco-systems.

Our Solutions will become the enablers and the foundations of getting GMP and GCP (as examples) to work for clients. We are creating tools and processes to deliver large scale change and value to organisations.

Tools like:

  • Auto-sGTM

  • Analytics Clean

  • Analytics Scan

Our Services remain as the omnipresent consultancy that our clients seeking support require - we drive implementation projects, operate retained analytics and insights services, and build CRO programmes to drive bottom line growth.

Services including: 

  • Web and app analytics implementation

  • CRO programmes

  • Data infrastructure and strategy

But with the growth of cloud-based services, and the evolution of digital marketing stacks that we are well versed in, we want to provide confidence and direction for our customers, our partners and our suppliers to plug-in and run with.

Our specialism is enabling Google Cloud Platform-based businesses to thrive and utilise their Google Marketing Platform connectivity to levels they can’t reach themselves. Data enrichment, value-based bidding, profit-based reporting, margin-led decision making are the areas we engage in. 

No fuss, no hassle, no extras. Straight up value.

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