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Introducing Duga Digital

Welcome to the first (of many) blog posts from Duga. We thought there's no better pace to start than by formally introducing us and that starts with why are called Duga Digital.

Duga means "to help or to produce" in Old Norse English.

And that is what Duga Digital is all about - helping to spread knowledge through consultancy and partnership. To guide rational thinking that will supercharge the way businesses view their data and the decisions and growth that can be gained.

Working in the industry for over 10 years I have seen data being used in some of the smartest ways possible. But, sadly more often, seen data become a blocker, a hindrance or a chore for many organisations. Marketing, Customer, Product and analytics teams have all evolved to become more data driven but in fact what we have seen is data holding teams back due to poor infrastructure, lack of trust in the accuracy in the data, or simply they don't know what to do with all the data they have.

That’s why Duga are committed to helping our clients in a number of ways:


Collaboratively define and build a robust data strategy that will meet your business needs to help you grow your data capability, and business value.


Build & maintain accurate digital data that is accessible & available for your teams to gain insights and take action from.


Create a data ecosystem that centralises, connects and deploys data that is ready for marketing activation & performance reporting.


Gain access to your data in a digestible format that actionable insights can be gleaned form.

With over 10 years experience in all types of data (across SMBs to global enterprises), Duga has the ability to understand the dynamics of all clients. We’re hear to help you and keen to hear about your challenges.

And in Old Norse English, until we speak…..farvel.

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