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Duga at Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen

After a super early start on Wednesday April 24th, Doug arrived in the beautiful city of Copenhagen to attend Web Analytics Wednesday, and present the teasingly titled "What's your strategy?".

Not only is the city beautiful, and well worth a visit:

The venue is most excellent - capacity over 500!

If you've never been, the format of Web Analytics Wednesday is to arrive, network before the kick off and then our excellent hosts, Jomar, and Steen get the show on the road.

A small set of probing questions (via Menti) set the context for the evening:

Interesting... I suggest server side data collection is a hot topic to discuss, but more on that in a future post.

An excellent part of WAW is the breakout sessions led by the speakers. You choose your breakout, and you get to network, and discuss your challenges with peers. The most likely outcome is an excellent connection and a great discussion to help you solve big issues:

The talks are always of the highest quality. Shout outs from this session go to Fabrizio Bianchi, Jonas Velander, Héctor P. Martínez, PhD, Olga Safonova, Johan Strand:

Fabrizio offering excellent science backed insight into expert data visualisation techniques:

Event Sponsor Extellio, represented by Jonas:

Olga helping us navigate the AI maze with excellent strategic insight:

Johan, a true hero with his third meet-up presentation in 24 hours delivered an excellent primer on GA4 and DataForm:

My closing keynote delivered 3 heuristics to help you develop 3 strategies - Data, Brand and AI:

Yes, the presentation screen is that huge.

This event is highly recommended. I'm delighted to represent Duga, and will definitely attend again.

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